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Send SMS from Computer

Did you know that 97% of all text messages are opened, and 83% are opened within an hour of being received? SMS is not intrusive and is the ideal way to communicate with your audience in a way that suits them.
Many businesses today use SMS text messaging because they know that it is a very powerful, efficient and cost effective way to reach staff, prospects and customers.
Wherever you or your audience may be, communicating is now as a simple as sending a single SMS, or distributing mass SMS from your computer. With SMS Tech you can send SMS messages from any computer and there’s no software required. Our easy to use solution allows you to send and receive online SMS straight from a web interface and our group message feature makes sending SMS online a breeze.
Sending an SMS from a computer has an added productivity gain. It is definitely a lot faster to type your messages from your computer keyboard than from the small keyboard of your mobile phone. Our clients have said that sending an SMS online with SMS Tech is really easy, “The system is fast and provides immediate feedback on our campaigns.”
By integrating the SMS Tech solution into your business systems, you will be able to send mass SMS from your PC or computer to your contacts with absolute ease. You can choose one or two-way messaging, and depending on your needs or the campaign you are implementing, you will be able to match replies to specific messages sent, allowing for a far more personalised customer experience.